The Story about “bunten Menschen”

The way it all started…


Spring 2014 in Viersen, a Lower Rhine town:

Roland, an enthusiastic master carpenter, invented the "Bunte Menschen", the „Bunte Menschen“. He is their „father“. For quite a long time he tried to find out the reaction of people to an information they got, and most of all to an information they didn’t get. As a result he created an information of his own: the "Bunten Menschen" were born. They turned out to be perfect for Roland’s experiment.

He secretly posed two- to threehundred of them in his town and the surrounding area. Soon after the social media as well as the local press heared of the project. What was this all about? read more..

What happens next?

Fans of the colorful people "Bunte Menschen" kept on asking Roland: “how much money he would charge for a figure.?” They had found out, that the production cost a lot of money. Together with his supporters he decided that the profit made by the sale of the figures should be used for a good cause. This gave rise to a real run for the "Bunte Menschen". The donation box in his carpentry filled, but Roland hardly found time for his work as a carpenter anymore.

Supported by the local press he announced a summerbreak of the "Bunte Menschen".

Roland wanted to figure out how to continue with the project after having given the so far collected money to an organisation supporting Nepal. After long discussions with friends and supporters he decided that he wanted to continue with the "Bunte Menschen" project. It was not supposed to remain a singular event. It should not be finished by now. read more..

[German] Der WDR bei den Bunten Menschen