Dear fellow, if you are interested in becoming an ambassador of the colorful people „Bunte Menschen“ use the application form and order one or more packets with 120 figures.
We are especially interested why you would like to become an ambassador. As soon as we receive your application we will send you a written confirmation that you are listed as an „Ambassador of the colorful people“.
You will get an address entry on the website which enables people near you to get in touch either to get colorful people or to hear their story.

You will find a variety of photos of colorful people „Bunte Menchen“ on our website. This is where you can upload your photos and informations about your projects.
Encourage all the people who buy figures from you to do the same.

Together with your confirmation you will receive a bill worth 420,00.- € (value added tax included) plus shipping fees.
In return we deliver 120 colorful people.The 120 figures will be delivered in 4 different colors – 30 each – together with one attachment stick and three board locks for each.
Both, the figures and the attachment stick, are made of environmentally friendly material.)

Important! Due to organizational reasons we can only deliver complete sets with 2 x 60 figures. The price for one single figure amounts 3,50 € (including turnover tax) regardless the amount.