Our gallery is based on google maps. In order to include all the picture in Google-Maps it is necessary to receive the GPS-Data within your pictures. If you have activated “Geotagging” on your Smartphone the moment you are taking the picture, we are able to get all the Information automatically. If not please help us! Show us where you have take this picture. Choice one of two options below after you upload a picture. Please be aware we could only consider max file size of 2.5 Mb.



By clicking on "Search on Google-Maps", will open Google Maps.

Navigating the map
To move the map (pan), simply click and hold your mouse, then drag the map. You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the map north, south, east, and west. Zoom in and out by using the + and - buttons in the bottom right corner of the map. You can also double click to zoom in, or use your mouse scroll or trackpad to zoom in and out.

Site selection
By clicking the right Mouse Key, you will store the Latitude and Longitude coordinates where your cursor stands.